Maintaining Sales Contacts Is Important



One of the career fields that takes the most amount of skill and the one that requires the strongest personalities is a career in sales.  These profit driven individuals have to work to make sure that their negotiation skills and closing skills are honed to a point and that when they strike, their customer has no choice but to sign, willingly, on the dotted line.  Once a salesperson has developed a relationship with a customer, even one that only last through the length of the sale, it is important that the salesperson keep track of that sales contact for future pitches.  This is an easy matter if you are using client relationship management software.


Breaking Defenses

A good salesperson is one who can make his customer feel at home, almost as if they were discussing their purchase with a friend.  This is a wonderful relationship for all those involved!  Anytime a customer is approached by a salesperson, their defenses are immediate raised.  Salespeople who are inexperienced can give others in the field a bad reputation and this bad reputation is what most people immediately call to mind when they see a salesperson heading their way.  It is up to a good salesperson to break through those defenses before the customer even knows that they are being pitched.


Dipping Back Into The Pot

Once that relationship has been established, the customer will want to buy from that salesperson again and it is almost a guaranteed sale for the salesperson.   Client relationship management software utilizes these new relationships and keeps track of them so that the customer can be connected with that same salesperson in the future, or vice versa.  In other words, it provides an opportunity for a salesperson to make even more commission generated from the same customer.

Sales contacts really are important, especially when they are hot contacts.  Some salespeople live and die by these relationships and if you are using a client relationship management software program, there is no reason you can’t maintain the sales contacts that you value.  For a consumer, this means that the salesperson that they were most comfortable with will be the salesperson that they can go back to time and time again.  Really, when you are running a business or depending on those commission checks to pay the bills, those old, reliable contacts are the contacts you need to protect the most fiercely.


How Reliable Is Cloud Storage For Data?




The newest and most popular way to store all of your files is online in “The Cloud.”  In reality what you are doing is storing your files on a storage providers hard drives.  The cloud just means that your data is accessible over an internet network connection, either wired or wireless.  This anytime, anywhere data access means it is easier to do business.  The Cloud’s reliability really depends on the service provider.  If they have a secure network, your data is relatively safe.  But hackers are always trying to find ways to break into the most secure networks, to steal data or just for the challenge.  So it is important to have a secure host and at least two backup plans.  It is also important to know just what security measures are in place with your cloud storage provider.

Most corporations believe that security should be the responsibility of the cloud storage provider, this is one reason they choose to go with a third party for their data management needs, but the smart corporations take some security measures before transferring sensitive data to the cloud.


Security First

There are some things a company do to secure their data that is being maintained by a third party.  Before sensitive or critical data is transferred, it should be encrypted.  That way if the files were to become compromised they would be unreadable without the proper decryption software.  Another thing a company can do is insist on a virtual private cloud.  A virtual private cloud is a private space in a networked environment.  By design, the cloud is a shared space on a network but it is possible to set aside a partition of hard drive cloud space that is secured behind a company’s firewall and not accessible or viewable by the public.

Finally, an organization should do all of the good housekeeping things that they would do if the data were being kept in-house.  Doing thing like looking for shared or default passwords and eliminating them and keeping user rights and privileges up to date are basic security measures that should be implemented.  Also, when an employee separates their account should be deleted immediately.


Your Options

Initially, the cost of installing a private cloud environment is higher than a public cloud environment, however for a mid-size to large company with sensitive data it is the most secure option. Whether you move to a public or private cloud solution, you will find that the benefits far outweigh any difficulty you may encounter during initial  implementation.  The cost of the system is worth it when you consider the peace of mind you will have knowing that your organization can withstand a disaster of any kind.


Your Website Is Up And Running – Now What?


You have a great business idea and the good sense to start sealing up your intellectual property rights.  You have bought your domain name, found a server to host your site, and even hired someone to build your website from the ground up.  You have your products ready to go and now you are just waiting for those email orders to start coming in and the money to pour through the door!

Well, that is how many business owners expect things to happen, once they have a website but there is still a bit more footwork that needs to be done, before you can start generating revenue.



The most obvious point that some business owners overlook when putting their website together is the fact that unless people know about the site, they can never be expected to visit the site.  It is unfortunate when this happens because in many cases, those websites that end up failing truly had things to offer that other websites don’t.  The only way to ensure that people are visiting your site and are taking the opportunity to buy your products and services is by marketing as well as you can.


Social Media

Social media can play a huge role in your marketing strategy.  If you are ambitious enough to take on the task to learn social media for business networking and marketing, you can take your website to places you never thought possible.  You can work with other businesses to help promote each other or even just design the perfect advertising campaign for your needs.  Either way, social media will have a huge impact on the traffic to your site, as long as it is handled properly.

Life is a bit tougher than the movies and things are a bit tougher than “if you build it, they will come”.  Rather, if you want your website to be successful, you need to generate traffic, and the best way to do that is with social media.  It is effective and inexpensive and may just turn out to be the most invaluable tool you have in advertising. Also try creative promotional products to promote your business.


Are Dark Eye Circles a Health Problem?



Sleep, hydration, even the sun all have a direct impact on the appearance of the skin under our eyes but for some people, no amount of sleep, hydration or even sunscreen can help them get rid of their circles.  If you have been trying every natural remedy that you can find, in order to combat those dark under eye circles, but have still been coming up short, you may want to speak with a physician to find out if this could be the cause of a more serious health issue.


Windows To The Soul

When you notice someone for the first time, you likely notice their eyes first.  If we meet someone who has dark circles under their eyes, immediately we begin to make judgments based on the appearance of their eyes.  We think that they are tired or sick or, in some cases, maybe we think that there is a substance problem that the person is battling.  The eyes are the windows to the soul and that first time we see someone’s eyes, we have already begun forming our opinion of that person.


Health Issues

There are plenty of health issues that cause dark circles under the eyes.  If your body is fighting some issue while you sleep, try using a sleep aid.  While sometimes, these circles are caused by heredity or even broken blood vessels, these circles could signify a bigger problem and if you are noticing that the problem is not getting better, you really should speak with your doctor as quickly as possible.

Dark under eye circles are not always caused by a health issue.  Rather, the majority of the time, the issue is simply a superficial issue, caused by exhaustion or even simple dehydration.  However, once you have tried getting rid of the circles yourself with no success, it may be time to consider that there may be something else going on beneath the surface.  If this is something you suffer from, now is the time to do something about it.


Getting Tips About the Winning Contender

If you are a fan of the wager, you are likely very familiar with the Kentucky Derby.  As a matter of fact, those who take wagering seriously have been going over their list of Kentucky Derby contenders, even going so far as to pay attention to the jockeys, for months now.  The Derby is right around the corner and if you are looking to do some Kentucky Derby betting, now is the time to start seriously examining your contenders.


Studying the Contenders


Studying your Derby contenders means more than just taking a look at their coat, to see who has the shiniest.  Rather, if you truly want to make an intelligent decision, you need to know as much about the horses, and horses in general, as possible.  You need to know how often the horse wins and in what type of weather and track conditions.  You need to know which horses haven’t been performing as well, during their practice runs and which horses may not be feeling their best.  You may even consider going back and watching the contenders’ old races, to see what their spirit and determination is like.  If you want to make money at the Derby, you have to play smarter than the other betters, and this isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do.  There are websites, however, that make it a bit easier for you to track your winners progress.


Finding the Best Tips


When it comes to finding the best tips on which contenders to watch, there are plenty of websites out there that can help you out, each with its own unique twist.  For instance, with, you can watch horse races from across the world, which can give you a bit of insight into how horses perform.  Sites such as this will be your best source for inside tips and secrets, when it comes to picking your winner.  Everyone has their own tastes and picking the right site for you may take some time.  If you are looking for which horses to watch, though, websites are definitely the places to start.


If you are the type of person who is just looking for a quick tip, you can always try the hundreds, if not thousands, of message boards dedicated to the Derby, where you are sure to find people that claim to have the winning tip.  However, if you are able to make the determination yourself, you won’t have to rely on the word of a nameless person, who claims to know what they are talking about.  Educate yourself as much as possible, so that the next time that someone is looking for a tip, maybe you can be the one to share it.


The Best Website Design Will Help Attract Visitors To Your Site

What’s included in your website that would make me want to linger?  Is it something that I really want to look at?  Is it something that’s going to grab my attention and hold it there?  Looking at a boring, colorless website is like looking out a window in the dead of night in the middle of nowhere on a cloudy, moonless evening. Nothing.


What’s on Your Website?


Even if certain individuals don’t particularly care what’s on your website, the trick is to get them to at least look at it.  Not everyone is as imaginative as one needs to be, in order to put together a truly magnificent website.  That’s why God made professional website designers like those designers at web design Greenville, SC, for us unimaginative, not computer or Internet savvy sad saps.  A web designer knows all the ins and outs, ups and downs, positives and negatives, etc., etc. of putting together a website most fitting your needs and wants.  You would be well served by hiring one, if your website just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore… Or if you need a website and have not yet stepped into the millennium by creating one or having one created.


What Does a Web Designer Know That You Don’t?


Seriously?  Let’s assume that you’re not a web designer.  Ready?  Write down all of the things that you know about web design.  Okay now count them.  Got your number?  Multiply that by 10… That’s what a web designer knows about web design.  Get it yet?  There are any number of things to consider, when thinking about the design of your website.  Color should be utilized, but properly.  Search engines should always, let me repeat always, be included in your website.  Information should be updated frequently. You have to stay in tune with the times.  Nothing is more aggravating than looking something up online only to find out that it’s old news, outdated, or no longer applicable to the situation at hand.  It’s enough to make you toss your laptop off a tall building, making sure that it strikes as many things as possible on the way down.  But, it’s not the fault of the laptop.  It’s the fault of the web site owner.


Don’t be that guy.  Next thing you know you’re going to be getting bills from people for their laptops. Then you’ll really wish you had paid for a web designer.


AT&T Bundles Will Save Money Down The Road

You’ve got to love saving money.  Particularly when it is so scarce these days.  Saving money has gotten to the level of being very nearly considered a talent.  No, more than that… a gift.  No, not that either.  I mean there are people out there that actually pay other people to show them how to save money.  So if nothing else, if you’re crazy good at saving money, I guess you could actually consider it a possible job opportunity.


Saving Money Doesn’t Have To Be a Career In Order to Save


With everything revolving around texting, instant messaging, emails, blogging, social networking on a grandiose scale, and Lord knows what else they’re using these days to communicate, it’s no wonder that people are also doing their shopping – and saving – online.  Savings online come in the form of exclusively, online only coupons, discounts, sales, promotional offers and coupon codes.  Take for instance the coupon code being offered online by AT&T for their U-verse service.  How awesome would it be to take all your necessary conveniences like cell phones, iPads, laptops and pay-TV and bundle all of those together, for one reasonable monthly charge?  You’re going to use all of those anyways, so why not save money doing it.


Save Money by Purchasing Convenience


The convenience of just going with one monthly bill for all of the above mentioned services, including high-speed Internet, is a good enough reason in and of itself, to bundle with AT&T.  But, their U-verse service is beneficial to the entire family, in so many ways.  There are packages that are available for purchase which center around sports, movies, kids programming and more.  You can keep your kids happy in one room, while you’re watching something entirely different in another room.  And wouldn’t it be nice, if at the end of your day you could relax with a movie?  Perhaps many of you do.  But, what if you could start that movie in the living room and then switch to the bedroom, so that you could finish watching that movie in bed?


Well you can, and save money doing it, with today’s U-verse from AT&T.


Taking a Bus Might Cut Expenses

There is absolutely no denying that the prices at the pump are ridiculous and they seem to just keep going up.  These days, every penny counts and having to budget $50-$100 per week, just for the privilege of driving can really take money away from other bills that you may have to pay.  While having a car is convenient, gas really can be an area that you can save on and public transit helps cut pollution.  With most cities, you can even obtain a bus pass via their online application system, making it even easier than ever to take the bus.


Going Green

Everywhere you turn, people and companies are talking about “going green”, that is, becoming more environmentally conscious.  We recycle on a regular basis and many of the items we use are recycled products.  As individuals, we can even take it a step further by giving up our gas powered vehicles, occasionally.  With pollution at the highest point it has ever been and global warming becoming a scientific fact, we each need to do everything we can to help out, even a little bit.  Taking the bus is something we each can do to make life just a little better for our children.


Saving Money

The average cost of gas in the US is close to $4 per gallon.  Depending on how much you drive, you could be spending more money on gas than on food.  Considering that most monthly bus passes will run less than $40 per month, the savings are very obvious.  If you look at these savings over a period of a year, it is almost silly to avoid taking the bus.  Taking a bus can be a little inconvenient, it’s true.  You are bound by someone else’s schedule, your trip may take much longer than you had expected it to, and, let’s face it, some people that ride the bus can be very, very interesting… and not in a good way.  On the other side of that, by striking up a conversation with the person next to you, you may make a new friend!


Making the decision to give up your car for some travel time on a bus is tough.  Especially, once you think about the minor inconveniences involved.  However, if you are looking to save some money, taking a bus even a few days a week is the quickest way to see some savings.


Reviewing Your Mortgage For Extra Fees

Have you taken out a mortgage on the purchase of a home?  Few of us have the luxury of slapping down cash, a check, or wiring the funds necessary to finance in full the purchase of a home.  It is the dream of many to buy and eventually own their own home.  But somewhere along the line, someone threw a wrench in the whole business.  What could have been a wonderful home buying experience has turned into a nightmare thanks to some banks including PPI policies, in the mortgage of unsuspecting individuals.  Unsuspecting, because either they never knew the policy was there or they knowingly purchased the policy and have been paying for it. but they never qualified.  You know how that is, not qualifying for certain insurance coverage.  Surely you’ve heard it mentioned as it applies to health insurance in the past.


Did You Get Ripped off


Now, if you simply paid too much for what is now your home, or interest rates were stupid at the time, there is not all whole lot you can do about that now.  Maybe refinance.  But somewhat recently, it has come to the attention of some home buyers, lawyers, and unfortunately for them – banking establishments – that there may have been some (what amounts to) substantial charges paid by many borrowing individuals in the way of bogus PPI fees.  Does the term PPI ring a bell with you?  Even if you’ve never heard of it that doesn’t mean you’ve not been a victim.  Considering that, you may want to get a lawyer to review your mortgage contract and subsequent fees.


Further Analysis Reveals:


Oh look! Even though you never noticed, you were signed up for a PPI plan.  Who knew?  And even if you were aware that you were signing on, you may never have been able to make a successful claim through that PPI in the first place.  It  is high time for many mortgaged individuals to seek legal assistance, in filing their PPI claims or getting fees returned that were charged to them fraudulently.


Make no mistake, this is not one of those crazy lawsuits like “I spilled hot coffee in my lap from the drive-through window at the restaurant and now I’m going to sue, because I burned my stuff” kind of a lawsuit.  That’s just ridiculous.  This is something that, even if you knew about it, may never have applied to you and if you didn’t know about it… Well that’s even worse.  Shame on those banking institutions, for trying to make more money than they already do off of us poor hard-working individuals.


Tired of Those Baggage Fees and Other Airline Restrictions? A Bus Ride May be the Solution

Gone are the days of hassle free air travel.  As tragic as 9/11 was it also brought in the era of heightened travel restriction and inconvenience.  Add to that the rising costs for fuel, and traveling by airplane is not the economical mode of travel that it once was for vacations.  Because of this, there is a rise once again in alternate modes of travel, particularly in bus lines.  Sure it may take a little longer to get to your destination, if you are going on a longer trip.  But for short distance trips, bus lines are by far the better choice in travel.  Megabus Coupons are a great way to save even more money on travel.  For those on a budget or those just plain wanting to save some money, this is a fabulous option for travel.

Cost and Comfort

Cost for long distance air travel is in most cases slightly better than bus. But overall, bus travel is more economical.  Bus lines are even offering many of the incentives like Frequent Rider Miles and on board wi-fi, just as airlines do.  With airline travel, you usually have to plan ahead and buy your tickets well in advance, to get the best pricing on fares.  It’s not often and your chances are slim to none, the you can walk in and get a last minute flight, to your destination.  Bus lines, however, do not have the high penalties, by comparison that airlines do for last minute bookings.  The other consideration travelers must give is the comfort of the ride. Bus travel, in recent years has become more comfortable in the seating design, whereas airlines continue to try and pack in as many passengers, as possible.  And, for larger individuals, airlines are not very comfortable, “Two seats, please.”

For those Environmentally Conscience….

Bus travel is by far the most efficient way to travel, compared to airplane.  Air travel is typically worse than taking the bus, because of the fuel consumption used, ratioed by the number of passengers traveling.  Planes on average get 22.5 MPG, whereas buses typically get 125 MPG.  So, the bus is the better alternative, in leaving less of an environmental footprint, when you travel.


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